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CHALLENGE: Use All Gift Cards This Year

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a bunch of unused gift cards for various services (spas mostly) and to a handful of retailers sitting in one of my desk drawers gathering dust.  Some of them are years old. Luckily, in California most gift cards do not lose value or expire.

One of my resolutions for this year was to use all my gift cards.  Like all good intensions, so far I’ve only used one and that was just last Thursday.  Why?  Because I was in dire need of of some stylish tops for my chubby body.  Not to digress, but I’ve gained over 20 pounds since getting married last October. I keep hoping that the weight will magically disappear, but it’s quickly becoming apparent that it’ll take more than wishing.  So while there’s a little more of me to love I might as well look fashionable, but NOT by spending a lot of money.  Hence the use of gift card #1 — $75 to Macy’s from hubby’s parent’s for my recent birthday. I purchased 2 colors of the same style top on sale.  It’s another hope of mine to get the most value for gift card cash, so purchases should be less than retail value.  I spent a smidge over $50, so there’s still a little more than $24 left.  Here’s what I got…

Macy Purchases

And with the temperatures in the high 80’s of late, I’ve already worn both of them!


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